Level Zero Heroes wrap up 2019 with changes

by Level Zero Heroes

Chicago, IL - Out with the old and in with the new, has been Level Zero Heroes campaign all year long as the team embarked on a new mission to make major changes within the organization.

Back on August of this year, we announced that starting in 2020, the team would no longer be accepting non Military hockey players onto the active roster and that current civilian players in good standing would be grandfathered in and remain on the team.

This decision was not accepted by everyone on the team, but as an organization we felt that after participating this past summer in the VHL, it was important, now more than ever to provide Active, Reserve and or Military Veterans an environment to play the sport that we all love.

We are proud to say that as of today our 15 roster players 10 are Military Servicemen (5 Marines, 4 Army, 1 National Guard) and only 5 are civilians.

As we bring in 2020, we will be announcing big news for Level Zero Heroes which includes our continued support and participation in the VHL, exhibition games and a league dedicated to raising funds for the SameYou Foundation. 

Great things ahead - Thank you everyone for your continued support - #stayzero