Level Zero Heroes Hockey Updates

by Level Zero Heroes

Chicago, IL- It's been awhile since we last reported here on our website so wanted to summarize what we have been up to these last few months.

 - Team Mission: Level Zero Heroes Hockey continues to raise awareness and funds for the SameYou foundation throughout the global pandemic we are all facing today.  Please follow us on our social media channels (Instagram - Facebook - Twitter) as post daily to keep you up tp date on our fundraising efforts.

 - New Players: The following players joined the LZH Family in 2020 - Michael Esquivel (Marines) - Kevin Reyes (ARMY) - Tom McGee (Marines) - Ryan Shaw (ARMY) - Ryan Hasty (Marines) and James Law (ARMY). Welcome aboard!

 - Tournament(s): In June, Level Zero Heroes Hockey participated in the Pucks for Autism Tournament in Hammond, Indiana. Playing at the Kube Ice Arena, we went 3-0 before falling in the final game taking 2nd place.

 -  Veterans Hockey League: After starting league play in the VHL, due to the Illinois Risk Sports Mandate level being High for the sport of hockey, the VHL had to pause the regular season. In keeping with their mission on keeping Military Veterans on the ice, the VHL has been hosting Skills Events Competition.

That pretty much covers 2020 for us for the moment and look for more updates as we will be dedicating more time in updating you all on our events.